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The need for Companies to organize Promotional Activities for their employees is growing stronger. Our team aims to meet this need with innovative solutions designed according to the number of participants, available spaces and business objectives.

TEAM BUILDING - Our experience in the field allows us to offer team building activities designed to help the team of employees to develop effective communication and problem solving skills. We organize fun activities such as corporate flash mobs, team games in the company, corporate treasure hunt, cooking class. All with the aim of strengthening the agreement among the employees.

SOME OF OUR FAVORITE TEAM BUILDING: Corporate Flash Mobs, Team games in the company, corporate Treasure hunt, Cooking class, Active painting, Social team building, Escape room, Role playing game, Dinner with crime, Paintball.

COMPANY DINNERS - Corporate Dinners offer pleasant moments among company staff outside of work. They are an incredible opportunity to keep the company staff in tune and consolidate the Relationships between the Employees and the Boss and among the Colleagues themselves, in a fun and original way.

We organize every kind of event to celebrate the most varied occasions: Business dinners, Inauguration parties of a new location or new department, Corporate cocktail party, Christmas dinners.

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