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Of all the great events of life, Wedding is among the most exciting. My Wonderful Event offers you a team of professionals able to provide constant assistance at every stage of the design and conduct of your Wedding to make it truly memorable.

CATERING - Our Chefs guarantee an express cuisine with dishes prepared directly on the event venue with flavors and aromas that will satisfy your palate.


LOCATION CHOICE - One of the main and most delicate elements of the organization of a Wedding is undoubtedly the choice of location. Ask us for advice!

FLORAL DECORATIONS - A Flower can say many things, emanating perfumes and transmitting sensations. And only you can decide what are the best flowers for your couple. We can help you to recreate what you have always wanted: the exclusive Bouquet for the bride, the original wedding Ring Pillow, Flower mixed to the Natural Lights of the Candles. We help you choose the Floral arrangement for Religious or Civil Ceremony and Floral decorations for the Wedding reception.

MAKE-UP and HAIRSTYLE - The choice of bridal Make-up and Hairstyle is only yours: it must reflect your taste and your style. Our Make up Artist will be at your disposal to make your wishes come true.


WEDDING DRESS and JEWELRY - Do you want a unique Dress made just for you? We can organize appointments with Designers able to make your Wedding Dress according to your wishes. And if you want to combine Jewels, we can introduce you to our Designers who will offer you unique creations.

WEDDING FAVORS - It is what your Guests will bring home after the ceremony and every time they look at it they will think of your Party. In our team we have professionals in the sector able to make Wedding Favors to meet your desires and your taste.

ANNOUNCEMENT and SEATING PLAN - The decoration of the Wedding Favors can be coordinated with the Save The Date, the Seating Plan, the Card Holders, the Place Cards. In this way your Wedding will have a unique theme of your choice.


Honeymoon is the most important and sought trip for Newlyweds. Our proposals are created to make this moment unforgettable. You can choose to stay in Exotic Places where Nature reigns supreme or Guided Tours where you can enjoy the Wonderful Cities and Views of the World. 

Our staff is able to package your Honeymoon by following your dreams and according to your needs.

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